Welcome to this personal testimony page. We add to this page every now and then.

Here you can read or listen to testimonies by members of our church. They talk of how they became Christians and what it means for them to be Christians. The testimonies are personal and individual, and are as diverse as we are unique individuals with unique experiences. Yet at the same time there are constant Christian truths in all of them.

We hope that you will find them enlightening and encouraging:


Cesare’s testimony

At the age of 20, there was a turning point in my life.


Glenn’s testimony

‘Look he’s completely different now’ and it struck me how it wasn’t just a temporary change either, it was permanent and growing


Isaac’s Testimony

I am not particularly emotional, but …..


Tim’s testimony

I wasn’t as good as I thought.


Ian’s Testimony

……we enthusiastically played vigorous indoor games like hand soccer. Then we were sat down and sincerely taught the Bible……