Ian’s Testimony

……we enthusiastically played vigorous indoor games like hand soccer. Then we were sat down and sincerely taught the Bible…….

Raised in a loving and very stable home, I grew up in an average part of Sydney. In fact, I lived in the same house throughout all 13 years of school. From a young age, I was sent to a nearby Sunday School. I particularly remember having the Bible clearly explained to me, even when the class was very small.

A few other people also helped me to get an understanding of the Bible and what it meant to live as a Christian. One was a lady who week after week faithfully ran a church-based boys’ club. Here, we enthusiastically played vigorous indoor games like hand soccer. Then we were sat down and sincerely taught the Bible.

By the end of primary school, I had a respect for God and the truth of His Word. Throughout six years of high school, I attended a weekly lunchtime Bible study run by one of my mathematics teachers where, once more, the meaning of God’s special book was made clear.

By the age of 16, I could affirm that I was a sinner (that is, one who had broken God’s law) and that I believed the Lord Jesus Christ had fully paid the penalty for my sins, though I did not deserve it all. A school friend challenged me that I should be baptised. This I did, proclaiming publicly that I trusted in Christ as my Saviour, wanted to live closer to Him and to leave behind the way of sin. Those who taught me the Bible and prayed for me had their prayers answered.

Around this time, I started to benefit greatly from a Bible Study a few houses down the street run faithfully by a church leader. Once again, I not only heard the Bible taught, but I also saw it lived out.

At university, my faith was, at first, greatly challenged as I was faced with the presentation of ideas that attacked the Bible. Thankfully, a fellow student pointed me to a wonderful truth: since the Lord Jesus had risen from the dead, I should certainly believe what He said, instead of the speculations of men. I was also greatly helped by having a Christian as an Ancient History lecturer. He was a very humble, yet very wise man, who had earned five degrees (in areas like science, theology, ancient languages and ancient history) and believed the Bible was fully true.

Since those times, I have had opportunities to work as a teacher at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. I’ve also served in various church ministries both in Australia and overseas. I am thankful that the Lord continues to provide teachers who help me to understand His Word. He has also blessed me greatly in providing a godly wife and three children.

While life has various ups and downs, I joyfully affirm that the Lord is always faithful and guides my steps with kindness towards Heaven. Living as a Christian can certainly mean not following the way that is popular in society. I’ve also been

taught much about perseverance and patience. I continue to learn new things from God’s Word and realise that only with His help can I grow in the Christian life.