Glenn’s Testimony

Growing up I was very blessed to be raised in a Christian household, both my mum and dad were Christians as well as our wider family and friends.

My earliest recollections of hearing the gospel and hearing about Jesus Christ came from my dad. Dad would often take me on bike rides and bushwalks, when I was little, and speak to me about how everything I saw had been made by God.

However, one of the biggest moments that caused me to take notice of Christ and take the gospel much more seriously, was witnessing the conversion of my older brother Scott. Me and Scott always got along very well and since we spent a such a great deal of time together, I knew him very well, and so when he was converted it genuinely shocked me, the dramatic change that occurred in him. He went from being, a typical young guy, who was hot tempered and worldly to becoming much more kind, humble and caring brother who now was concerned over his sin.

Seeing this drastic change in him, I was puzzled, and thought to myself “what’s happened to him?” And that’s the first time that the gospel was shown to me to have great deal of power in my eyes. I remember thinking as I looked at the changes occurring in his everyday life, ‘Look he’s completely different now’ and it struck me how it wasn’t just a temporary change either, it was permanent and growing.

Seeing my brother change caused me to reflect on my own life, and although I was happy my brother was saved, another part of me (the foolish and immature side), actually became quite jealous. I remember lying in bed and complaining to God about it one night, about the fact that I’d been a Christian (or so I thought) for way longer than Scott and yet God had worked powerfully in his life and wondering why I’d been left out. It was immediately after that, I began to get convicted of particular sins in my own life.

This increasing conviction over my sins and a sense that things weren’t quite right, continued into year 11 of high school where one afternoon while on my laptop I heard a sermon by a preacher (Paul Washer) on YouTube who really made the gospel frighteningly clear.

I honestly didn’t like listening to his messages, they exposed my sinful character, but I had to keep watching more and more of his sermons because although it was the worst news I’d heard, I knew that whathe was saying about me was true and I needed to hear this. It was also then after explaining the bad news (that I was a sinner exposed to God’s justice against me) that he explained the good news about what Christ had done for sinners like me. That’s when I appreciated and understood much more clearly the relevancy of Christ’s life and death upon the cross, 2000 years ago. Ever since then I have dedicated my life to serving Jesus, relying on him alone to make me right with God, and telling others how they can be made right with Him through faith alone.