The blessing of inconveniences

Church bulletin:

So many things encroach upon our time, our energy, our recourses, our finances etc. We see them as inconveniences. And in many ways, they are. Things happen in life which we would rather didn’t happen, consequently we get tired, distracted, irritated, etc. At the same time, these inconveniences may also indicate how truly blessed we are. It is only because we are blessed that we find ourselves inconvenienced.

* No-one relishes paying bills, yet they mean that we have somewhere to live, electricity, gas, running water, a car, education, health care, law and order, infrastructure, etc. Life is not getting cheaper, but bills remind us that we live comfortably and safely. When spending money on food, utilities, and taxes be thankful for the recourses that are available and that you can afford to have them.

* The need to clean and tidy the house is evidence that we own many things which are used regularly. Cups, plates, clothes, books, toys, gadgets, bits and pieces end up accumulating around the place because we have so much to help us and to enjoy. Who looks forward to dishes in the sink or an overflowing laundry basket? Dirty dishes & sweaty clothes belong to those who have received the Lord’s provision. What is the alternative, little to wash because there is little to eat and little wear; would you rather an empty house because you can’t afford anything.

* Looking after children brings an endless amount of work and responsibility. What parent doesn’t get tired, frustrated, and angry with them. They also bring an endless amount of joy and satisfaction. They are the gift of God and we have the privilege of teaching them His ways. Let us remember that God is a Father and He is patient with us in our weaknesses and sins. He is mindful that we are but flesh. Enjoy children while they are young, they soon grow up and move out.

* Work can be very challenging. By the sweat of our brow we eat our daily bread. We all too easily, however, focus on the sweat and not the bread. Consider the bread to represent all things which come through our labours. Not only do we get the basics, we enjoy holidays and can pursue hobbies and interests. It’s not that long ago people worked purely for survival. Work is a good thing on many levels and too much leisure is detrimental to us. Thank God for meaningful employment and all we gain from it, even if it isn’t always easy.

Inconveniences are most often the result of God’s grace – whether we are stuck in traffic, waiting in a doctor’s surgery, paying bills, chastising children, dealing with difficult people, or cleaning stains on the carpet. Psalm 34:1, I will bless the LORD at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth.” How can we praise God and live thankfully before Him at all times unless we see beyond life’s inconveniences. In the background of every inconvenience lies the reality of God’s provision, His goodness, His love, and His Patience.