Christian Marriage by DM Lloyd-Jones


DM Lloyd-Jones, Christian Marriage, Banner of Truth Trust, Edinburgh, 2012

This is a sequence of eleven sermons preached by Martyn Lloyd-Jones (ML-J) (1899-1981) extracted from his lengthy series on Ephesians.  The sermons are also found in Life in the Spirit (Eph 5.18-6.19), (BofTT).

ML-J exposits Ephesians 5.22-33. First, he establishes eight basic principles a Christian should apply to all areas of life, before moving specifically to marriage. He deduces, “It is only the Christian who truly understands and appreciates marriage” (p.17). This results from a believer’s attempts to grasp the perfect model for marriage, Christ’s relationship with the church.

ML-J also draws on creation and addresses issues such as headship and submission in marriage.  He acknowledges that what he says was not popular (due to feminist influence) in his time. It would doubtless be even less popular today!  ML-J becomes increasingly practical, with later chapters titled, The Bride’s Privileges, The Husband’s Duties and Transformed Relationships.

Reading (or hearing*) these sermons would benefit those preparing to wed or wanting to enrich their existing marriage. Wider blessing is provided through the way that Christ is glorified – our attention is drawn repeatedly to His special relationship with His church.  ML-J also models expository preaching – this sample of his labours may prove useful to those training as preachers.

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DISCLAIMER: This review concerns Lloyd-Jones’ teaching on Ephesians 5.22-33. It is not an endorsement of his teaching on the baptism of the Holy Spirit based, for example, on Ephesians 1.13.

Ian Whiteway