Morality without the bible

Church bulletin:

Quite often on Saturdays there is a group in Pitt St mall drawing attention to animal cruelty. They hold up placards and run videos showing chickens being butchered as well as other scenes depicting sheep and cattle kept in poor conditions. Actually, they are not just protesting animal cruelty they are pushing the vegan lifestyle. They are completely opposed to animals being used for food.

According to the Bible, the cruel treatment of animals is sin (Prov 12:10; Matt 12:11; Acts 15:29). Nevertheless, animals are given by God for our use in a variety of ways – as pets, to help with work, and for consumption. Meat is legitimate food but the animal must be slaughtered appropriately.

Videos showing chicks thrown into a meat grinder does not make pleasant viewing. The narrator speaks of their short life; their fragile bodies; the chirping they make for their mothers; their longing for protection & warmth. One wonders however, if such like groups are concerned for the welfare of babies in the womb. What does an abortion look like? What about the short life and the fragile body of the child; what about the noises an unborn baby makes; what about the baby’s right to warmth and protection? Perhaps shoppers on a Saturday afternoon in the Pitt St mall should be treated to some abortion footage.

When the biblical worldview is discarded, morality becomes arbitrary and absurd.

• If it is a woman’s prerogative to do with her body as she wishes, why not legalise heroin? What is the problem with self-harm?
• If abortion is an acceptable means of terminating innocent life, why not the death penalty for perpetrators of serious crime?
• If the life of an unborn child is aborted to safe-guard the welfare of the mother, why is it illegal to kill a brown snake in your back yard?
• If all life forms are nothing more than the products of evolution, why isn’t killing a person the same as killing a snail. What makes murder, murder?
• If the taking of life outside the womb is murder, why not weeks earlier inside the womb?

“Professing to be wise, they became fools”