Biography of Ernest C Reisinger


Review by Luckson Silweya for the church bulletin March 2014


The biography of Ernest C Reisinger is written by Geoffrey Thomas who most of us know from the Truth of the Gospel Conference. It is a very easy book to read, almost like watching a movie, yet at the same time it’s instructive as the author uses Ernest’s life to illustrate biblical truths. It grips your attention because it is both inspirational and challenging.  The author does not paint a heavenly man but an earthly man with a heavenly heart.  So it is easy to identify with Earnest and appreciate how he handled life’s experiences and to sympathise with his failures. At the same time the sufficiency of God’s grace in his life is evident.

From the very onset you will read about how his family struggled financially. As a result of the US financial deep depression in the 1920s, his father lost his business which landed most of his clients and friends in serious financial crisis.  This led to Ernest’s father having a mental break down, being institutionalised and eventually dying. Subsequently his mother could not support her kids and so Ernest and his siblings ended up in an orphanage.

You will read about his hard work as a boy to support his mother and also how he came to know the Lord and how the Lord used people in different ways to reach out to him.  After being converted, he was on fire for the Lord and he could not stop sharing the gospel to all.

He and his brother John were hard working and the Lord so blessed them that they owned one of the most successful and lucrative businesses in America.  Despite being wealthy, Ernest never forgot his faith, he conducted his business in a godly manner and was very generous.

He was passionate about personal evangelism and the distribution of Christian literature.  He spent much of his money on good books in order to give them away to both Christians and none Christians around the world.  Ernest played a pivotal role in the early days of the Banner of Truth Trust and has written a book called ‘Today’s Evangelism’ which we studied in the men’s bible study. Reading about his life, you will see a man who lived what he wrote in that book.

He was a gifted preacher, pastor and organiser and later in life he became a pastor to a number of churches.

His life was not without challenges, he contended for the faith from within and outside the church.  He nursed his terminally ill wife with much grace.  As a Christian dad he agonised greatly when his son left his wife, children and church altogether but Ernest stilled loved his son and continued reaching out to him.

I highly recommend this biography to all.