What’s in your bag?

Church bulletin:

The other week I came across the Amoeba Music website. Amoeba Music which is based in Los Angeles is the biggest second hand music shop in the world. They run a YouTube segment called “what’s in my bag?” It involves people mostly from the entertainment industry filling a bag with records and CD’s and then explaining the reasons for their choices. Before I became a Christian I was an avid record collector – by the time I was 20 I owned around 300. My parents had somewhere in the region of 500, and my eldest brother well over 1000. Music was always playing in the house when I was growing up.

I got rid of my collection years ago, and only occasionally buy CD’s now. Nevertheless, I have found it interesting listening to people describe why they like certain artists, genres of music, and particular releases. As a part of the interview they play snippets of the songs, many of which take me back to my younger days. Music certainly plays a big part in people’s lives; it invokes memories; it can alter our moods (remember Saul getting David to play for him when he was downcast); it inspires creativity.

I wonder if the Word of God has a similar effect upon us. If you were asked to reach into your bag and draw out a selection of texts which mean something to you, what would they be? Are there passages which take you back to former times because they were helpful at a point in your life; are there particular portions from which you regularly draw strength or comfort; have you memorised verses which assist you in dealing with temptation; are there places in God’s Word which you return to time and time again because for one reason or another they are a blessing to you?   

We should be a lot more enthusiastic about the Bible than people are about music or any other thing for that matter. Music can be very enjoyable but truth feeds the soul; truth lifts us beyond this world; truth imparts strength and hope; truth brings light to darkness. Just as music provides a backdrop for our lives, so much more should the Word of God. If you can’t reach into your bag and pull out a selection of texts which are important to you, it’s because ultimately scripture has done little to impact your life.